Am I making progress? Probably not

Having options available is one of the most important things that a person can have. By this, I mean finding things that interest you but are also productive. As some people may have seen yesterday I posted a new blog saying that I wanted to start a new project. Although this does seem like a new years resolution, I have to say that this is something that I have been thinking about doing for quite some time but never really had the motivation to do so; every time I start to think about something really cool and fun I start to think about the effort that it may be and I suppose I got lazy.

Therefore I’m now going to use this blog to regularly update how this is coming along. I will continue to post things that do not relate to this but one thing I would like to do is create a log of what’s been going on so that when I look back I can either see how much progression has come on, or ultimately me getting lazy again and failing (which I must admit could be quite a strong possibility).

Like yesterday, I am finishing by putting out there that I would love to hear feedback about what ideas people have or opinions on my ideas. No one ever became successful by themselves so therefore this is a great way to see just how strong this can continue. 


Wanting to make a ‘cool’ project

Ever get to those points where you don’t get any excitement out of each day? I’m not talking about partaking in adventure sports or having fun. I’m on about starting a project that allows me to start something outside of my normal day to day things. There are millions of people that do this everyday and it has started to make me question why I have never thought to do something like this before.

Right now at universities and schools across the UK it is exam period. One of the worst times of the year especially after only just coming back from the christmas break in which instead of enjoying my time with family and friends I found myself regularly sitting at my desk in an attempt to remember things prior to the exam. As I’m sure many people know this is a very boring thing to do and so this is where these thoughts have come from.

I guess some ideas have been running through my head but I can’t seem to find that creative spark that allows me to knuckle down in my spare time and decide how I’m going to do this. One thing I have always thought about doing was starting a YouTube channel. I guess vlogging or creating a gaming channel would be the way that I would like to do this, should this be something I want to do. The other idea that would be to start thinking of ways to make money. Everything in life is about money and if you can find something that not only keeps money flowing in, but also keep you interested at the same time. However, money doesn’t grow on trees so this would take some time.

This blog is a great way to speak to like minded people and allow people to question my ideas and agree with the good ones. Therefore, I will be posting more about this in the near future, especially considering I have exams over the next week or so that I cannot wait to get over and done with. But the point is that if anyone that notices this blog wants to pitch an idea or comment on either of the ideas above I would be massively grateful. Hearing people’s opinions is the only main way of knowing whether or not what you’re doing is right and that is an exciting thing for me to think about.

Looking back and thinking ‘what if?’

I’m sure that everyone in their life has had these moments. The moments when you start to think ‘what if I had done this instead?’, adding to the already large list of people who have probably made the exact same blog.

One thing I consider a lot of the time is whether or not I should have gone to university. It’s such a huge decision for people of a young age to make and due to the price you now have to pay for this, there is definitely a consideration of whether or not going straight into full time employment is a much smarter choice to do.

I’d be interested in whether or not anyone viewing this blog has an opinion on this matter. I’m sure there are plenty of them! If so leave a comment as I’d be interested to know what is said.


(By the way I’ll leave the complete serious side out after this one I promise)

Fast and furious?


For the last decade or so there has been a lot of film series that have kept a lot of people interested from start to finish. However, most great series come to an end, such as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings to name a couple. But every now and again there is a series that gets better with each film, and isn’t restricted due to the novels that they’re based on.

In this instance this is the Fast and Furious series and as I sit here writing whilst playing Fast and Furious 6 I feel as though I could be watching these films for years to come. This film has everything that has built up such a reputation for the film, the key being the cars that Dominic Toretto and his crew drive, but also action that could only be matched by the new James Bond. The way that Fast and Furious 6 manages to do this whilst also keeping a story line going from film to film is something that you have to respect as few film series can manage to do this.

No matter how good life can be, everything has a downfall though and it has to be said that the death of Paul Walker is definitely this issue. Paul Walker was a fantastic actor and played such a crucial role in the series. I don’t want to say a lot about the death of Paul Walker as it’s hard to be able to describe this but it must be said that this could have an effect on how the latest film performs on the silver screen.

I suppose to describe this series in a couple of words it would be ‘up there with the best’. I know there will be a lot of people who disagree with me right here due to the fact that this series will never win an academy award or a BAFTA. Fast and Furious does not perform at the top of the list with films such as Lincoln for story and acting, or Anchorman 2 for comedy; but it was one of the top performers in terms of opening weekends and overall performances at the box office and that has to be act for something. And that something for me is that I will continue to be entertained by this series for as long as it keeps going.

Formula 1 is over for another year

This time of the year is always brilliant for any formula 1 fan as the season hots up for the end of an exciting season. Now unfortunately this season has not particularly been a good season in trying to inspire new fans of the sport, but the season did not let us down.

The final race day at Interlagos face track in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has produced some pretty spectacular moments in its history, most recently, watching Lewis Hamilton win the drivers championship in 2007 on the last corner. However, this year did not seem to have the same feel in the build up. All the factors of a fantastic race were in place (rain, overtaking and the worlds best drivers) but everything was a bit dim in terms of excitement. I think I may have the answer to this.

Sebastian Vettel.

Now to some readers of a blog like this they may think that it is another attack, saying that Vettel is a boring driver and things need to change. Thankfully to those who do not agree with that then I am with you. Sebastian Vettel is the new generations amazing driver. In the past we have had Schumacher, Senna, Prost, Mansell etc but Vettel seems to be different. At only 26 he seems to have broken a lot of the records that the other drivers have tried to set through their whole careers. This clearly shows off his talent as a driver.

But if you were trying to explain how this season has come to be viewed as one of the most boring in history, there are other reasons. Vettel’s dominance has obviously been the main factor to the fans of F1 who really do not care that much about the sport. But to the main fans, such as myself, you would have to say there have been 2 other factors. The first is the whole Red Bull team. Having Adrian Newey and Christian Horner have revolutionised the team as a whole and made it to the greatness that it is today. The other concern would be that everything is limited at this current time. Overtakes are being limited due to team orders and changes to the regulations in the sport. These are the kind of things that no fan of the sport wants to see. Teams are too interested in tire wear and not trying to create an entertaining sport. 

Now obviously I’m not a key member of my sport so you’d have to say that all of my comments are for nothing but maybe it is something to think about within the sport. As viewing seems to be depreciating in excitement it does make you think what can be done to make the sport back to the hay days of previous years.

Where have I been?!

After re-signing in for the first time in a few months I realise that I have actually been away for a long time. Starting university and my studies seems to have taken up most of my time but I do miss writing these blogs so I’ve decided that I am going to come back! 


This is my blog to reinstate my blog and try to think of some great things to write about.